Gerber Life College Plan


Gerber Life College Plan


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No??… you got time, right? Wrong…that is what I thought until I realize time had slipped away from me and my college-bound child was leaving within a few years.  I should of thought of child life insurance when she was a baby! But for YOU, it is never too late.

Gerber Life College Plan

Make sure YOUR CHILDREN OR GRANDCHILDREN get the opportunity to pursue the career of their choice.

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Gerber Life College Plan

It’s Never Too Early to Start Saving For Your Child’s Education!

You want to give your child an opportunity to live a successful and productive life.  This is what ever parent want, but how do you start.  Well, first Gerber knows and they have known for 30 yrs…how to take care of your child, from nutritious food to baby supplies to clothing.  Now they want to give your child a powerful head start with the Gerber Life College Plan.  Gerber Life gives your child a lifetime of protection.  It is a simple and budget-minded plan.

Gerber Life College Plan – Advantage:

  • Affordable, fixed monthly payments that fits your budget and never goes up!
  • Stable growth that never loses value.
  • Guaranteed payout of $10,000 to $150,000 when your policy reaches maturity.
  • Better Than A 529 Plan or a regular savings account.
  • Flexibility to use the money for anything, even expenses not related to college.
  • The only college plan that’s also adult life insurance.
  • Provides up to $50,000 of whole life insurance protection now.
  • Automatically doubles during age 18,  at no extra cost.
  • Decide when you want your money, between 10 and 20 years
  • No Stock Market Risk.
  • Tax-deductible Contributions.

Thanks to you, your child can always have protection to count on.

You lock in a low childhood premium rate that’s guaranteed never to increase. It’s like a 60% discount – a big savings – on what your child would otherwise pay for new coverage as an adult.

When should you start thinking about your child’s future education?  College is NOT cheap!

The Gerber College PlanGerber Life Insurance is one excellent way for parents to start saving.  Remember it is also Life Insurance: A benefit that will guarantee that your child will receive the full amount in case something happens to you and you have the ability to use the money for any purpose without penalty.  This is very important, because your child may not choose to attend college.

What’s great about the Gerber Life College Plan is that you will know how much your child will receive when they reach the college age because there’s no worrying about the fluctuating variable rates or drops in the stock market.

Here is an Example:

Even saving a little bit will go a long way. For example if you save $1/day for 18 years that works out to a $10,000 college fund. At $6/day that number jumps to a $50,000 college fund!

If you have children, please do check out Gerber Life Insurance and see if its right for you.

College is expensive, and parents start worrying about it as soon as their child is born. With their plans, Gerber Life Insurance has a way to make this all possible without running your finances into the ground.

A secure way to save for college with a life insurance benefit

How does Gerber Life College Plan Works:

All you do is save a fixed amount of money each month for a set length of time (a “term,” in life insurance language). During this time, the child’s parent will enjoy full life insurance protection. At the end of the term, the policy delivers a guaranteed cash payout to use for college expenses (or anything else).

TIP: Don’t wait! The sooner you start, the less you’ll have to save each month to reach your goal. Guaranteed money to help pay for college or whatever life brings.

Your child (as beneficiary) can use funds from the Gerber Life College Plan to follow his or her dreams, whether or not they include college. Consider the College Plan an essential part of your financial portfolio that can be used for anything at all, from tuition and books to starting a new business, buying a car, or as a rainy day fund. You’re free to use your money however you like, no strings attached.

The Gerber Life College Plan is guaranteed to not lose value. Every policy is backed by the Gerber Life Insurance Company, which has been serving the financial planning needs of families for nearly 50 years. Plus, the policy earns cash value over time. In other words, you are guaranteed to get back at least as much or more than you put in, while having life insurance protection, too!

See what other parents are saying:

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Consumers can get the Gerber Life College Plan from Gerber Life and provide their children the security of permanent life insurance and access to a growing cash value. On applying for a free, no-obligation quote, consumers will receive a FREE Child Safety ID Kit:

This is a very complete free child identification safety kit that you will receive regards signing up for the baby life insurance. It is more complete than so many others out there on the market selling for expensive prices.

The following items are included in this free child identification safety kit:

1. Dental chart/record.
2. Finger print chart
3. Police information form
4. Medical information form
5. Fill in info once and four Pocket ID Cards are automatically generated
6. Special needs instructions (if the child or mentally impaired adult has any special needs)
7. Instructions to create your own DNA kit & how properly preserve it
8. Missing Child / Missing Person Poster Maker
9. Amber Alert info and how to get one issued
10. Safety tips to help keep your child safer
11. What to do tips if your child goes missing
12. A resources list & helpful links

If you prefer, you can also request a free kit without signing up for a quote.



Free Child Safety ID Kit when You Apply!

Gerber Life Grow-Up College Plan

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