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Gerber Cute Kid Photo Contest

Become the 2015 CuteKid of the Year! Enter a photo for a chance to win the new CuteKid Treasure Chest full of cash, toys, clothes and other goodies! Enter Now!

Hello,  The Cute Kid Contest is here.

The contest runs on the calendar month. Therefore, any photo entered into a contest from the first day of the month until midnight ET of the last day of the month will be entered into that month’s contest.  CLICK HERE!!

Judging for our contests begins on the first day of the following month and winners are announced via our weekly email newsletter, which goes out around the 15th of the following month.

This is similar to Gerber Baby Contest, but with this contest there is a winner every month.

Cute Kid of The Gerber Baby ContestYear
Cutest Baby Picture Competition
Win College Tuition, Prizes & More

The Gerber Baby Contest/ Cute Kid Contest  is a child photo contest that gives away monthly Prizes and a chance to win College Tuition!   Try this month’s Cute Baby Contest.


This Cute Kid Contest accept babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, big-kids and pre-teens.

Preparing To Get Your Winning Photos

How to capture that perfect picture to send?  Babies are their best after a good nap, clean diaper and of course full stomach with Gerber Baby food.  When taking pictures make sure your baby has plenty of things to occupy them, but not too many.   One of the best pictures I got are from above.  Put your baby on the floor and get a toy and dangle over her head (you might need someone else to do this) if you are taking the pictures.  The expression of a baby when looking up and smiling is precious. (Just make sure her head is not tilted back too far).

As for your camera, do not use a phone camera, the resolution is awful, unless you have a high quality i-phone (latest version) or i-pad.   Read the manual learn how to use it.  When Gerber ask for photos for their Gerber Baby Contest they usually have specifications on each entries.  The Cute Kid Baby Photo Contest is the same way.  Remember lightening is very important, use natural lightening  if possible.

Another great idea is to do some research of past contest winners.  Check out last year Gerber Baby Contest on FB and see previous photos and what people are saying about it.

A great way to know what needs done is to research past event winners. Check out the previous photos and what category the competition was in. This can give inspiration when you do your photo shoot. Talk to friends who may have entered similar challenges and see how they handled it. Reading blogs and  information on other websites can also be extremely helpful.

You’ve captured that great shot, now what?

Unlike the Gerber Baby Contest, The Cute Kid Contest gives you the opportunity to be exposure to casting agent and win thousands of dollars in prizes.

Cute Kid Contest

Got the Cutest Kid?

All photos are evaluated by the Entertainment Industry Professionals, top Talent Scouts, and Casting Agents.

Every pictures is looked at and will be scored with no discrimination of color, race, or gender.

Judges will use the following criteria:

  • Expression
  • Appearance
  • Charisma
  • Image concept/setting
  • That special something

Please note that choices are subjective, but there are many judges that make the final decision.

Contest Rules

Competition run during the month. All photos entered in a given month can participate in specific contest cute kid this month. Its contest rules are designed to provide a clean and fair competition in all  entries and have the same chance to be marked by the judges.

Thank you visiting our Gerber Baby Contest.

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