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I found some wonderful baby things that will be great for parents. It is called  EveryDay Family, it is a leading website on pregnancy and parenting that specializes in information, community, and free baby things offers for their members.

EveryDay Family has regular fresh content, interactive tools, parenting blogs, printable grocery coupons, baby things, educational videos and revolving offers for our members. In addition, members are signed up for timely and informative week-by-week updates on their pregnancy or their baby’s development.  Membership is very well received and currently consumed by over 1.7 million members.

Click RED icon below to get some free baby stuff including baby samples, baby coupons, i.e. Gerber baby coupons.  Also, new members are entered to win diapers for a year…

Diapers free
Members can Entered for Free and a Chance to Win Diapers for a Year

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